Hair Studio

Hi girls, do you want to work in a hair  studio, and help your customer to be more beautiful? If you want lets see how you can play this game. 

After the game has been loaded click "ARROW" sign to start. You will see a beautiful blonde girl on the screen. First wash her hair by using the shampoo on the left bottom of the screen and  rinsing her hair. Pay attention to the arrow sign, it will show you what you need to do. Then dry her hair with hair dryer. Now it is time to shape her hair. If you want you can cut her hair with scissor. and give shape  to her hair by using brush, comb , hair straightener. Change her hair color by usind the dyes on the left bottom of the screen. There are kinds of buckles and crowns on the left top of the screen. Click on them with your mouse and chooce which you want. 

Use your "MOUSE" to play this game. 

At the end of the game you can save the photo of your costumer to your computer. Girls, you will enjoy this game..