Gangnam Style

Now we  meet you with the "GANGNAM STYLE" song which is the most popular song in these days. The Korean Singer took attention with his different style and different clip. It's dance is ver enjoyable we suggest you to try it. And we added this picture that you can see on the side for you to learn this dance. You would do its dance easily with this picture.

Lets give somre information about the game:

After the game has been loaded click " START" button. Then monitorize the games history bu clicking the "PLAY" button on the "OPPA GANGNAM RUN" page. If you want you can pass the history by clicking "SPACEBAR" button.

Your aim in this game is keeping step and collecting the cokes while you are moving. 

To overcome obstacles press " UP KEY" for jump. The game will be end if you bump to the walls and obstacles. You can gain more points if you can go too far and collect more cokes. If you want to learn your distance click the "DISTANCE" button that is on the top of the screen. And you can control the points that you have gained by clicking the "SCORE" button. The indicator that is on the right top corner show your powers level. 

Lets start to play , turn up the music and dance:)