Gangnam Style Dress Up

Gangnam Style Games are the most popular games nowadays. For this we add a new game of the Gangnam Style Games. While you are dressing up the South Korean musician PSY you can't stop dancing with Gangnam Style Song. You will choose his clothes according to your taste in clothing on the other hand you will listen this popular song and dance with it. 

We know that you want to start as soon as possible, so lets see how can you play this enjoyable game. First you need to wait for loading a very short period of time than click " PLAY" button on the right bottom of the screen. Then you will see the Gangnam Style musician and some horses near him on the screen. When you come near the first horse on the left with your mouse you can choose his shoes, click your "MOUSE" to choose it. Click the second horse on the left to choose his trousers. Click the third horse to choose his hair style. For choosing his jacket click the fourt horse on the left. Now for his accessories come to the right of the screen. With the first horse you can choose his belt, with the second horse choose his bow tie or tie and with the third horse choose his glasses

Are you ready to revel with the ryhtm of the music. Lets start..OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!!!!!!!!