Earn to Die

Your heroe is on a desert alone and he has to pass this land without a help. Your only friend which you can confide in will be your car. 

For this reason, you should invest all your money on your car for upgrading the skills of your car. You can be sure that you can not pass this desert without an improved car.

On every level, you will win some money and you can rise up with upgrading your car. You can invest your car on 6 areas:

1- Propeller: İt will be useful to upgrade your maximum speed.

2- Fuel tank: With a bigger tank you can drive your car longer.

3- Wheels: A bigger wheel provide you to itinerate a longer path.

4- Transmission: An improved transmission provide your car to settle more easily on a high speed

5- Engine: There are 3 types motors. 75, 100 and 120 HP. A more powerful motor helps your car to reach the high speed easier.

6- Weapon: There is one type weapon but you should spend your money on your bullets to kill more zombies.

7- Car: You can upgrade your car with a more powerful one.

Use the arrow keys for directing your car. Your weapon shoots automatically when you see a zombie. For using your boost, press at 'CTRL' and upgrade your speed.