Cuti's Dinner Game

Ohhh no, our lovely waitress need your help urgently. please help her. Customers are coming serialy and she has to serve them. If she wait them they get angry and go back. 

At the beginning of the game the target of the day will given you and you will work to earn this money. When your customer comes your restaurant show them a table to sit. then go near them and take their orders. when it has prepared go to take and give the orders to the customers. Don't forget to take money which they put on the table. If you take wrong order throw it to the trash can. When you reach the target you will pass the next level. 

Use your "MOUSE" to play tihs game. You can see the amount of the money that you have earned from the "DOWN RIGHT CORNER" of the screen. 

Lets start and begin to earn money:)