WinX Girls Make Up

Do you want to familiarize yourself with the WinX Girls and help their make-up?? If you are ready to rave them once more lets start to play. Introduce WinX Girls: Bloom: It is supposed that a young and beautiful girl Stella has came from the world but in real she is the princess of Domino. Bloom has fall in love with SKY. Bloom own Dragon Fire and and hero of the Win X cartoon.  Stella: She is the best friend of Bloom. Fall in love with Brandon. She is sociable and love fashion. She  uses sun's and moon's power. She is Gueen Luna's and King Radius's daughter.   Flora: She is romantic and good-hearted. She has power of nature. Her best friend is Stella and she is fall in love with Helia. Musia: She is pessimistic but good friend. She loves listening the music and gets her power from the music. She comes from melody planet and admire to Riven.  Tecna: She addicted to technology and loves mobile phones and computers. Gets her power from technology. She loves Timmy. Layla: She is the princess of Andros planet and her fiance is Nabu. She loves sports to much and gets the power of Morfix. Roxy: She is the last peri of earth and uses animals power.  Have a great FUN