Win X Mermaid Layla

Are you ready for a new advanture with the popular character of Win X Mermaid Layla? We know that you are excited but please be patient our game will begin soon.  Lets check the controls of the game before start to play.  Befor start the game press the "PLAY" button on the left of the screen and meet with Mermaid Layla. Than you are ready for the adventure at the sea..You can direct the Mermaid Layla by using the "LEFT" and "RIGHT" arrow keys, and use "SPACEBAR" for provide to swim. Your aim in this game is to reach her to the finish point. But while you are playing you will encounter some marine animals and fishes. Don't forget!!!! you have 5 chance. You can get more points and extra due by collecting the "HEART", "PEARL", "PRECİOUS STONES". You can control your health from the indicator on the right side of the screen.  Thank you for choosing new-funnygames.  Have a great FUN