Tom and Jerry Refriger Raiders

Welcome to the new Tom and Jerry game. Jerry and its best friend make a plan and they decide to collect all cheese in the Tom's refrigerator. Jerry enters to the refrigerator and try to throw the cheeses to its friend. After the game has been loaded click "PLAY" button. Then you need to choose your charecter, Tom or Jerry. And choose difficulty, easy, medium or hard. If you choose Jerry, use "ARROW KEYS" to direct the Jerry. Click "SPACEBAR" to take the cheese and click one more to throw cheese to its friend. If you throw the cheese more higher you can gain more points. On the other hand Tom try to hit you. Be careful if Tom hits you 3 times you will lose the game.  If you choose Tom click "ARROW KEYS" to move Tome. Click "SPACEBAR" to throw balloon to Jerry and its friend Nibbles. If you miss more than 5 times you will lose.  Good Luck!!!