Tom and Jerry Gold Miner

Tom and Jerry fans, come here.  This game which is prepared by inspired of the legend game, GOLD MİNER. Tom and Jerry collect the mine under the soil instead of grandsire with white beard. Furtermore, without any opposition,you can play with  friendly. You can feel the success as a result of solidarity, while you are playing with your friend.  Click " SINGLE- PLAYER" button for one player, and "MULTI PLAYER" button for two players.  Tom: "S" Jerry: "Down Arrow Key" To pass the level you have to reach the quantities that has given in the certain time. Give attention not to take the stones. Stones gives less points and cause to lose times.Taking the  Diamonds is the most easy and quickly and you can gain more points with diamonds. So you can give the precedence to the diamonds. You can follow the quantities of the money that you gain, the money that you have to gain and the time you have at the top of the screen. For the most popular games follow the NEW-FUNNY GAMES. Have a great FUN