Stickman Territory War

We added for you a good version of Stickman game. There are two teams of players that fighting against each other.  Lets see the displays which you will see on the screen. On the left top of the screen you can see the number of the players remaining on your team and your team's name. The number of the players shows the collective team health. You can see the information about the currently player on the left down of the screen. You can see the game options from the right corner of the screen. You can quit the game or monitorize the map. You will see the "STAY" and "MOVE"  options on the bottom of the screen. You can move only limited amount. After you choose the stay or move the "ATTACK OPTİONS" will appear. To hit far targets use "GRANADE" . The "GUN" only hits one target and the target player must be below half life. The "BOAT" influence very little damage. Click "CAMPAIGN" after the game has been loadede and creat your team. Write your team's and your player's names. Then start to Territory War. Good Luck!!!