Super Mud Mania

Are you a good driver? You can be a good driver but you won't drive in tarmac, you will drive in muddy road. Of course driving on the muddy road is more difficult. To drive more fast you need to upgrade your car. For this of course you need some money. You will have 100k $ first to buy something to upgrade your vehicle. Choose the color of your vehicle and click "RACE" button to start. You will see Nitro and Money on the road. Collect them the by nitro, acceleration, tires, handling etc.  There are 3 races in easy, 4 races in medium and 5 races in difficult. Start with easy game.  Game Controls: "ARROW KEYS" : To steer, accelerate and brake.  "X" : Nitro "SHIFT", "Z" : Drift "M" : Mute on/off "ESC", "P": To pause Pick up Nitro gives a small speed boost, pick up money get more money.