SpongeBob:Trail of the Snail

SpongeBob has lost his best friend Snail and he couldn't find. He has been looking  to all houses one by one but houses are too crowded, so he couldn't reached the owner of the houses. Do you want to help him? After the game has loaded click to "PLAY" botton, choose the difficulty grade and come to the map. If you play this game at first time the first section will open. Open your section from the map and start to play. Use your "MAUSE" to play. Click the same characters serial with your racket and remove them. Continue until one charecter has survive. Take information from this single charecter than finish this part and pass the other section. You have to finish all section before your time has finished. Also at the end of the section the extra time and bubbles will given for you. Collect them as you can. Whil are you are playing you can stop the game and turn to the homepage from the "MENU". Lets see how is your attention ability.  Have a great FUN