Spongebob Parking

Your favorite hero Spongebob is waiting for your help to park its car without damaging . It isn't too easy to complete all level there ara totaly 14 levels and first levels are more easy than the later levels. But we believe that most of you will be successful, our visitors like parking game too much.  After the game has been loaded click "PLAY" button. Your aim is to park Spongebob's car in to the designated area. Use your "ARROW KEYS" to control the car. But be carefull!!!! Don't damage the car. You can see the damage ratio of the car from the right top of the screen. Each level you have 60 seconds. To pass the level you have to park your car in a second and don't crush the car too much. Good drivers, if you are ready don't wait Sungerbob too much, lets start and park your car carefully..