Sim Taxi

One day Sim saw a red racing car in the car showroom. he wanted to buy but he hasn't got enough money to buy. It was too expensive for him. He started to think how does he get the money. Some of his friends gave him an advice. He decided to find someone to drive his taxi. Yes kids, you will drive his taxi and earn a lot of money with this taxi. Are you ready to be a taxi driver. Lets how you can do this. After the game has been loaded click "NEW GAME" button. Select "CAMPAIGN" or "FREE GAME". Drive your taxi around the city stop near the people who want to get a taxi. If your customer doesn't like the radio channel click "R" button to change the channel. Use your "ARROW KEYS" to drive your car. Drive carefully and don't damage your taxi. You can see the goal and your earning from the top of the screen.  You will be a good taxi driver and you will earn too much money. Good LUCK!!!!