Sam's Fire Truck

Fire-fighter is one of the most diffücult job, you must be hurry and brave. In this game you will be a fire-fighter. You need to drive fire engine carefully and arrive the location of the fire as soon as possible.  First wait for loading and click "PLAY" button. Then select first level. There are totaly eight level thatn you need to complete. Don't forget to fill up your fire engine with spume. When you see the "Stop Here And Fill Up" click "SPACE" button to fill up you car.  Drive slowly otherwise you would pour out the spume. the You have limited time to arrive the location of fire. You can control your time from the top of the screen.  Use your "ARROW KEYS" to driye your fire engine and use your "MOUSE" to extinguish the fire. To pass the level you have to extinguish the fire completely.  You can see the distance from the bottom of the screen.  Lets start and be hurry heroes, Sam is waiting for yor help!!!!