Sami's Spa Shop

Hey girls, Sami is managing a SPA SHOP and these days  her shop is too crowd and she needs your help? Don't you want to help her? Lets see how you can play this enjoyable game.  In her shop there are sauna room, massage chair and bed. When a customer come drug them to the correct position with your "MOUSE". You will see some signs like bed, barrel, and fire. If you see a fire sign drug her to the sauna, if you see hand sign drug her to the massage chair and if you see a lamp sign drug her to the bed. The massage clients want drink something don't forget to give their order. You need to clean your spa equipment occasionally. Click when the costumer satisfies and left money. Be carefull don't wait them too much otherwise you lose a change to get money. You customers number will increase and to satisfied all of them will be difficult.   Lets start your guests are coming!!!