Rescue Team Parking

Dear visitors, welcome to the 911 Rescue Team. You will drive an ambullance, a fire truck or a police car as fast as you can and park them to the designated area. Follow the arrow on the road to find the place that you must go. After the game has been loaded click "PLAY" button then choose your level. There are totaly eight levels and if you haven't played this game before you need to start from the first level. When you finish a level click "NEXT LEVEL" to start your new mission. Keep an eye timer and damege meter on the bottom of the screen.  Game Controls: Arrow Keys: To drive M : Display your GPS. H: Turn on/off the siren. Spacebar: To break If you are ready lets start. Drive carefully and don't damege your car. Try to be as fast as you can, park your car carrefully on the designated area.