Regular Show

Now we meet you a brand-new Regular Show games. From time to time this game surpass the imagination and it is difficult to understand but it is an enjoyable cartoon. The pratogonists of the game are blue crow " Mordecai" and lovely raccon "Rigby". This cartoon's subject is the adventures of the Mordecai and Rigby who are best friends for 23 years. Let's introduce the heros before start to play.  Mordecai: He is more calm and more lazy than Rigby. He is better than Rigby about punch, so he loves  use this skill against to Rigby. Rigby loves to tease his best friend Mordecai.  Rigby: The most enjoyable and sprightly character of the cartoon. But he has a bad feature, he loves lie. For this Mordecai lives difficult time. We can say that  he is succesful at martial arts.  We introduced our heros to you , now lets give informations about the game. When the game has started you will encounter with "Rigby" on television screen . Well, how was he entered to the TV? Rigby bought a  video game and he wants to play this game with Mordecai. But things go wrong and Rigby found his self on TV. Now Mordecai has to control the game and rescue the Rigby. What about going to this adventure trip with Mordecai? The only thing you have to do is playing this game and rescue the Rigby.  Games Controls:  You can play this game with your "MOUSE". You can give direction to Rigby by pressing and holding the Mouse. Your aim is to eradicate the Ninjas and collect tomore points as you can. When you reach to the exit door you reach to the end of the section screen. You can continue with the next level by clicking the "CONTİNUE" button on the screen on which you can see your points.  Wish all our players success.