Raft Wars

How is your life would change while you are playing on the beach? His life was changed!!! Simon became a famous immediately  while he was playing on the beach because he found some valuable stone. But the pirates heard this and disturb the Simon because of the valuable stones. They suddenly take an action to capture Simons stone. Will they be successful??? Lets see how will Simon set against to them?? When the game was opened you will see the pirates. If you click your mouse left button the screen come near by sliding. So you can determine the distance between you and the pirates than you can shoot according to distance. You will do the first shooting. If you can shot the pirates their energy will decrease. When their energy run out completely you will pass the next part. If you can't shot  the turn pass them. You will lose the game when your energy run out completely.  Use your "MOUSE"to shoot. If you are ready to the war with pirates lets start.  Have a great FUN