Polly Pocket At The Park

Polly Pocket will take her pet and go to the park for a tour. The weather is so good, sun is shinning, the birds are singing and there are colorful flowers in the park. Polly and her pet are like to go to the park every day. Put today she can't decide what she wears. She has lots of colorful dress, accessories, shoes, etc. Lets help her and go to the park with them.  You will see some circle on the right of the screen after you have started to play. Click first circle to select her skin color. Choose dark, light or medium which you want. Then click second circle for her eye color. Blue eyes realy suits her because she is blonde.You can choose her dress with third circle, she has colorful dress green, pink, red...After you have choosen her hair clip with fourth circle choose her sun glasses with fifth circle.  Then continue with her accessories, her necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Choose her bag, shoes and at the and choose the pet. Which one you love most, cats or dog. Choose one of them and go to the park .  Have a good day with Polly and her pet!!!