Nutty Mania

Tiny and lovely squirrels are too hungry and they are collecting nuts. The helpfull elephant which live in iceberg decided to help our squirrels. But the elephant hesitate to shoot correctly, do you want to help him to shoot correctly? After the games has been loaded click to "PLAY" button. If you play this game for the first time only the first section will be open. You can start after you choose the section. Your aim in this game is  collecting the nuts.  Use your "MOUSE" to play. Draw a bead on the nuts with the elephant's trunk and click after setting the correct angle.  You will gain more points ıf you use less squirrel while you are collecting the nuts. The are some stalactite and stalagmite in some sections, give attention to these. You can simplify by using jumping areas, teleportation circles, and direction sticks.  You can re-start or pause the game by using the button in the top right corner. Thank you very much for choosing us.  Have a great FUN