Neon Rider

Welcome to the Neon World. You will find yourself on a colorfull world with the magical motor bikes. With colorfull motor bikes you will more sense the the pleasure of driving motor bikes. You will enjoy driving more rapidly your motor bike on this color world, then you will have the opportunity of improving your lap time. At the first some stages, you will find the game so easy. But you will play and sense the difficulty at the next stages. On this game the main goal is to find the finish line. For this, you should use your motorbike with the same color of the line. If you can not select the same color, you will be failed. For selecting the color of your mottor bike, press the arrow keys: right, left, up and down. For directing your motorbike press these keys: "W" for accelerating, "S" for braking, "A" for lifting the front of motorbike and "D" for lifting the back of motorbike. If you are pleased to sense the speed at your visage, press to play.