My New Room

Hi dear visitors, do you want to create your own room. You will find all objects, fornuture and other accessories which you want.  You will see an empty room when you start to play. There are 6 catalog on the right of the screen. Catalogs Contents : First Catalog :Choose the windows, doors and carpets Second Catalog : Beds, tables and other furniture. Third Catalog : Lamps, paintings and other decoration objects.  Fourth Catalog : Electronic equipment such as TV, Laptop and others. Fifth Catalog:  Pets such as cat, hamster Sixth Catalog : Some stylish items like a jacuzzi, a cocktail. You can change the colors of the items with brush, drow something on your wall. You can change your wallpaper and carpet by using the last items on the right of the screen.  You will enjoy this, lets start to design the room of your dreams.