Momma's Pizza

Welcome to "MOMMA'S PIZZA ".Have you ever wonder to working in the pizza restaurant? You have to work intensively and fast. You need to please your costumers. Serve to them fastly and earn money.Pass the levels improve your restaurant and earn more money. Achive your goal which has given you in each level and making profit. Later sections will be more difficult.  Your costumers are waiting outside and get  ready to cook. We need your help for preparing and serving pizzas.  When your costumers come to the restaurant drag and drop them on one of the empty tables. Than serve them and earn money.  You see your score, money , goal and the time on the left up corner of the screen.  Use your "MOUSE" to play.  If you are ready don't wait them. They are too hungry and look forwart to eat you delicious pizzas.