Minnie's Dinner Party

Hi girls, our lovely character Minnie Mouse are so excited now, because there is a party in her  house tonight. Her  friends Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Daisy and Pluto are coming. She needs to prepare some delicious meal for them. All friends will give points for her cooking, so she have to do her best to impress them.  In first level you need to create the sample color that you can see on the screen by using the given ingredients. For example if the sample color is pink you need to mix the red color with the blue one to create the pink color. Some colors need one ingredient but some colors need 2 ingredients. In first level you have to reach 60 points. Then you will start to fry the meats but be careful you have to adjust the heat, don't burn the meats.  After the game has been loaded, if you don't want to watch the intro click the "SKIP" button. Then click the "START" button to start to prepare your meal.  Use your "MOUSE" to play this game.  We believe that you will enjoy by playing with Minnie Mouse and with her lovely friend. The party is starting hurry up!!!! Minnie Mouse is waiting for you..