Mario Kart Parking

Do you want to play a parking game with your lovely hero MARIO??? He is ready for this and waiting for you. Some time parking a car is very difficult in some places. In this game there would be some difficult places to park on. But we belive that you will accomplish. There are completely 14 levels. First levels are more easy than the later levels.  After the game has been loaded wait until you see "PLAY", then click it.  You have 60 seconds to park your car on to the specified area. If you can't park your car at this time or crash you car to somewhere  you fail. To pass to the next level youse your time carefully and don't crush your car. You can see your damage rate on the right top of the screen. And control your time left on the top of the screen. If you failed the level click "RETRY" to play again this level.  Use your "ARROW KEYS" to control your car.  Use your finger carefully!!!!!