Long Bus Driver

City bus are the most commonly used vehicle in urban traffic. Now one of these vehicle is under your control. If you like parking games we belive that you love this game to much. Parking long bus is a little bit difficult than parking the small ones. If you are ready lets see how can you play this skill game.  After the game has been loaded click "CONTINUE" and "PLAY"button. Select "START GAME" button. Then you will see the colors of bus that you can choose which you want. You need to choose main color and second color to gether. After chhosing the colors of bus click "START" button, now you are ready for parking your bus. You need to park your bus on the place that has shown you. You can keep under control to your bus by using "ARROW KEYS" when you are going to the parking place. Be careful don't crush the objects and humans near the road. If you can park your car successfully you can pass to the next stage. later sections are more difficult than the first levels. There are total 17 levels and you can see the number of level which you are playing on the top of the screen. You can control your time from the left top of the screen.  Less time, less damege means more points. Take it easy!!!