Jim Loves Mary

Jimy and Mary are fall in love. But Mary's family don't want their happiness. Jimy decided a plan,  wrote a letter to Mary and send this letter with a dove. Thet decided to escape with to gether. Don't you want to help their happiness?  There are totaly 20 levels that you need to complete. Click first level for their first meeting. You will see some hearts, collect them to pass the level. Use "W-A-D" button for Jimy and use "ARROW KEYS" for Mary. If you can't bring them to gether you can't pass the level. Mary's mother is waiting with a roller in her hand. Mary can't pass through her.  If you want you can play this game with your friend. First levels are more easy than the later levels.  Lets start to help them.We missed each other very much:)