Jake's Tough Break

Are you ready to force your brains border by a full of excitement and action? The only way to progress in the game is meet your head with your hat. This is an intelligence game and it isn't to easy to reach the hat. To reach the hat you have to overcome to some difficulties. Well are you realy ready?? Lets see the games controls, than give some clue and start to play.  After the game has been loaded use the "NEW GAME" and "START" button respectively and start the game.  Move: "LEFT AND RİGHT ARROW KEYS" Bounce: "UP ARROW KEY" Breaking in to Pieces: "SPACE BAR" Restart the Current Section: "R" Pause the Game: "P" If we need to explain the "DESINTEGRATİON".. The most importance of this game is when you press the "SPACEBAR" you disconnect your arm, leg, body and head. A like if you want to re-join your disconnected pieces you have to press "SPACEBAR" and "DOWN ARROW KEY" at the same time.  A nother important point : Don't forget!!!! Your head and your body weight are equal and the total weight of your 2 legs and your 2 arms are equal to your haed and your body weight. You can turn on or turn off the music from the button which is located in the lower right corner. With the "RESET" button that is located in the lower left corner. And you can turn back to the mainpage with the "MENU" button.  We wish success to you in this difficult game