Iron Man

Our guest is "IRON MAN" now. Before introduce the game let's learn who iron man is? IRON MAN: Tony Stark start to manufacture advanced weapons technology after he had became a manager in his fathers company. Some piece of shrapnel stick in to his body in the unfortunate attack. After a series of operations he survived by dint of the magnet which was located in his heart. The Afghan Army provide these operation. In response this the Afghan Army wanted his technology. To prevent himself  from the Afgan Army he monogramed an armor.  After these events he devote himself to preserve the humans.The people call him "IRON MAN". After the general information let's give information about the games.  GAME CONTROLS: Move: "ARROW KEYS" Fire: "SPACEBAR", "X", "C" INDİCATORS: HEALTH:Show state of health. SHIELD: Show your shields situation. MISSLES: Show the remaining number of the attack that you can do by using "Z" button. UNI-BEAM: Show when you can do the attcak again which you can do by using "X" button.  The important point that you can't do all attack everytime. After understand the all controls off the game completely click "PLAY" button to start. The IRON MAN in front of you. your aim is to eliminate your enemy. You need to avoid from the attack of your enemy. You can turnoff/on the music by using the sol-fa syliables which is in the right top of the screen. You can restart the current section by using the "X" button.  We wish you success.