Iron Man Armored Justice

The hero of this game which is full of adventure is "IRON MAN". Iron Man devote himself to protect society. But he is waiting your help. If you want to help him lets see how you can play this game.  After the game has been loaded click "PLAY" button. Then you will see the game controls, game signs amd your enemies on the screen.  GAME CONTROLS: To Move: Arrow Keys Firing : "Space Bar", "X", "C". SIGNS: Health: Shows your state of health.  Shıeld: Shows the status of your health.  Missless: Shows how many times you can attack that you can make with "Z" key. Uni-Beam: Shows when you can attack again that you can make with "X" key.  Be careful you need to know that you can't make every attack  whenever you want.  Click "PLAY" button once more to start the game. Help to the Iron Man to win his enemy Mandarin and his soldiers.