Iced Boom

It is time to force the limits of your brain. Our lively tiny penguin was faced with the some difficulties while it was collecting the stars. Barbed balls, fires and other you want to help him? After the games has been loaded click the "PLAY" button. If you play the first time only the first section will be open. Start the game after you choose the section. Use your "MOUSE" to play. Remove the removable objects correct respectively and the correct time than collect the stars. The section will be finished after you fell down to the sea.  While you are playing you can get help from the ventilation, bouncing systems, bombs and other objects. Don't forget, the more stars means the more points. You can turn back to the main page, set the music or games sound,restart the section which you are playing with the button on the top left corner of the screen. We wish you success.  Have a great FUN