Ice Cream Parlour

Now we are preparing some delicious ice creams with you. Your customers want ice creams from you and you need to prepare their icecreams as soon as possible. Look at their orders and do the same one.  There are four fridge, cone, flavour, wafer and topping. First select the cones, then add flavour, wafer and topping which your customer want.After you have prepared the icecream click "SERVE" button to serve it to the customer. If you choose the wrong cone, flavour, wafer or topping click "X" button to select again. You have 100 seconds to prepare icecreams. You can see your "TIME" and "SCOR" on the top of the screen. For a time bonus serve "3" icecreams in a row. Don't wait your customers too much try to be hurry and do the correct one.  They are waiting and look forward to eat your delicious icecreams. Lets start!!!