Ice Cold Popsicle

The girl whose name is Weather is waiting for you to cook Ice Cold Popsicle. All children like popsicle and these will be too delicious. After the game has been loaded first click "CONTINUE" then click "START" button. You will see 8 steps to complete cooking popsicle. Start with washing kiwis. Then continue with remove strawberrie's sepals, shake the cream in the sircle, cut the bananas from the given lines, add the cocktail ingredient in the order given in the list, blend them, decorate the popsicle with the given fruits on the top of the screen. At the and you need to freez the popsicle. For this catch the ice particles and place them to the popsicle. Pay attention to the time on the bottom of the screen aech levels. You can turn back the level which you couldn't complete.  Lets start and cook delicious ice cold popsicle for your friends. It is too easy, follow the instructions one by one.