Hot BBQ Party

In this game you are working in the barbecue restaurant and you need to satisfy your customer by serving delicious meat, fish and chicken wings. Wrant you  they come to your restaunt you cen see what they want and pur their orders on to the barbecue. Don't forget the meat on to the barbecue, if you forget it will burn and you lose point. After the one way of the meat has cooked turn the other way. Then take it to the customer. After they finish their meat they will put money don't forget to take it.  You can buy something from the shop to improve your restaurant. In the beginning of the each level you can see the level target. you can control the time from the top of the screen. If you want to stop the game you can use the "PAUSE" button.  Use your "MOUSE" to play.  Your customers are too hungry and they are waiting for you. Be carefull don't wait them too much. If you wait them they got angry and go back so you lose money. Try to be satisfy them, lets start