Hopper Beetle

Hi kids we are going on a jorney with you, don't you want to came??? This jorney is full of adrenalin because you will be more succesful if you drive more fast. Also you will drive a purple beetle car near the sea. You love this car too much. The are lots of car on the road becareful don't crush them if you crush them you lose your time. You have limeted time to reach the finish line because of this you need to drive as fast as you can. You can see your score, time left and the level that you are playing onthe top pf the screen.  At the end of the game if you want you can submit your score to facebook. For this click "OK" button to submit. If you don't want to submit click "SKIP" button.  Use "ARROW KEYS" and "SPACEBAR" to play.  Left Arrow Key: Pass on the left lane Right Arrow KEy:Pass on the right lane Up Arrow Key: Accelerate Down Arrow Key: Break  Spacebar: Jump Lets get in to the purple beetle and start to car racing.