Home Sheep Home

Shirley, Shaun and Timmy are three lovely sheep and the are in the struggle to go home. They can succeed only with your help .   After the game has been loaded click "START" button then select episode, training or undergraund. If you haven't played this game before click training to learn how to play this game. To pass the level you have to get all sheep to the exit on the right of the screen. Shirly is the biggest sheep and timmy is the little one. Click a sheep to select it  or press its number on the right top of the screen. Sheep can use each other for step. Be careful there would be some buttons to be held down. After you had finished the training episode start the real challenges.  There are 15 levels that you need to complete. Select your level and start to play.  Use your "ARROW KEYS" to play.  Children and adults, you love this game to much and you can't leave the game until the end of the last level.  PS: If you can't solve how you can pass the level click "?" on the left top of the screen and watch the video.