Goalkeeper Premier

Generally in football game you try to shot or score a goal, but in this game you will be a goalkeeper. If you are ready lets start to play. Click to the "PLAY" button after the games has loaded. There are too many football team to choose. You can find all team which play in Briatin's football league. Choose the team which you want and click again the "PLAY" button. Use your "MAUSE"to play. Drag your cursor to the point that your rival shot the ball. You would win one glove if you catch the ball normaly but if you catch the ball with your palm you would win two gloves. If you could win three gloves one after a nother it means you score a goal. You have to win three gloves without  concede a goal.  At the end of the game if you win you can pass the next level but if you tie you have to play extra time. If you lose you have to start from the beginning.  While you are playing you can use "PAUSE/EXİT" button to stop or you can turn to the home page.  Have a great FUN