Go Go Goblin

You can unbrace yourself  while playing this game and on the other hand you will have fun. You will find yourself on the midst of pleasure and comfort. After the game has been loaded click "CONTINUE" to came to the mainpage. Then you can start the game by clicking the "NEW GAME" button. Game Controls: To Fire: "SPACEBAR" Wings:" Right Arrow Key" Missile: "Up Arrow Key" Bounce Ball: "Down Arrow Key" The power level that is on the left of the screen shows the fling rate and the hight of the Goblin from the catapult. If the power near the maximum level you can jump more fast and more high. Click "SPACEBAR" to fire. Don't forget in this game your aim is to go as far as possible and collect more money.  While you are playing you can click "TRY AGAIN" to restart.  To spend your money that you have collected and to buy usefull objects you need to click "SHOP" button. To use your wings which you have bought from this shop click "RIGHT ARROW KEY". You can jump higher with these wings. to use missle you need to use "UP ARROW KEY". You can bounce higher by using boune ball. The armors protect you and help you to move on. But don't forget you have limited time to use these objects that you have bought from the shop. For using these objects more you can improve these with money.  More over if you came across with the objects such as jerry can soldier with armor they would help you to jump far. Pay attention to the fire and pile.  You can turn on /off the music and turn back to the mainpace by using the bottun on the right top corner of the screen.