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Gangnam Style Jump

Heyy Gangnam Style funs we added a new Gangnam Style game for you. You will like this game too like the others. We know that there are lots of addicted to the Gangnam Style Games because the most popular game in our site is Gangnam Style.  After the game has been loaded click "START" button then you will hear the most popular song in the world recently. In this game your aim is collecting the diamonds while you climbing. Climb as high as you can. You will see some girls and boys, you can stay near them and dance with gangnam style song for a moment, then continue to jump. While you are climbing to avoid to fall get support from the branches and leaves of the tree. You can see the altitude and your score from the top of the screen. More dimond means more score, so collect them as much as you can. Use your "MOUSE" to play this game.  Lets start to jump and dance. OPPA GANGNAM STLE!!!!!!!!!!