Gangnam Style Dance

Are there anybody who doesn't like dancing??? Everybody like dancing of course, and becides being fun, dancing has many health benefits.  Flexibilitty, strenght, endurance and sense of well-being are the most benefits of dancing.  Flexibility is very important for being healty. The more muscles can flex by the greater range of motion and the dancer become more flexible by dancing. Dancing builds strength by forcing the muscles. Dancing is a kind of physical exercise and exercise increases endurance. Regular dancing will built endurance. Dancing is a social activity and provides many opportunities to meet other people. Regular dancing reduce stress and gives sense of well-being.  After talking about the benefits of the dance are you ready to dance with the most favourite song of the world recently? With the Korean pop artist PSY whose music video is the site's second most watched video.  After the game has been loaded click "PLAY GAME" button. Then you will meet the Korean dancer If you want to practice first click "PRACTICE" button and learn how to dance with this enjoyable song. Then click "PLAY" button and select the are which you want to play in. Depot, Lift, Park or Stage. After choosing the area  you are ready for giving yourself to the rhythm of the music. Use your "ARROW KEYS" to play. If you want to ending the dance click "END" button and see your score. If you want you can share on facebook and twitter.  Hey dancers lets start dancing with "Gangnam Style" and have great fun.