Free Wheeling Friends

Samantha and Kit are waiting you and your friend in the jungle. Lets go and start the game. To win the game you need to finish the line as fast as you can. But be careful this is not enough, avoid the obstacles. If you crush these obstacles they will slow you down and you your energy will be finish.  You will see some lovely turtles on the road. Pisck up them each one will freeze the timer for one second. Game controls:  Use "ARROW KEYS" if you play alone. Use left arrow for brake and the right arrow to spped up. If you choose 2 player mode and play with your friend use "W-A-S-D" for the second player. Use A for brake and D for speed up. In two player mode who gets to the finish line first is the winner of the game. In two player mode there are no turtles on the road.