Fluff Fluff Away

Hey girls now we are going to the kitchen and make pancakes This will be too enjoyable believe us.  If you are ready lets go  near the little chef Emily  and start to work with her.After the game has been loaded click "START" button. To see the ingredients click on the "LIST" which is in the Emily's hand. Give her the ingredients before the time is up. Open the dood of the refrigerator to find the ingredients. In the first step you will do the paste of the pancakes. In the secont step shape it and fry it. Then in the last step you will decorete it with bananas, chocolates, strawberry and othermore. After you had finished to prepare yor pancakes click "DONE" button to see the result We beliave that you will create magnificent pancakes and all of your friends admire you. Use your "MOUSE" to play.we wish you a great fun.