Endless Night

The end is here and we can't stop it, but some people don't know the word "quit' and keep on fighting.  You are the owner of a famr and there is no way that you would give up on your life dream.  You will fight for it with your own very life.  A horde of zombies is approahing you farmland, but fortunately, you have an unlimited supply of ammo to fight them with. The game is played via mouse and you need to point on the zombies so that they will be hit with the machine gun.  Use the grenade when you can't control the situation.  There are also some special move that you an use to your advantage when the going gets tough.  Of course, that will require lots of money.  you can earn money from the zombies that you kill.  Upgrade your weapon, baricade and house as move further in the game to last long.