Doli Ice Cream

Are there anyone who doesn't like ice cream??? Everyone like ice cream especiallay children. Which one is your best, ıcecream with chocolate, caramel, strawberry, peanut, vanilla...? Do you want to sell ice cream? It is too easy. Your customer will come and you can see their order near their head. You must prepare their order correctly. You will see the ice cone in the left part of the screen and types of icecream in the right part of the screen. First choose the ice cone and then add the ice cream accorging their orders by using the spoon. After you have prepared the icecream click make button and give the icecream to the customer. Be careful you have limeted time. You can control your remaining time from the left buttom of the screen.  Lets start preparing delicious ıcecream..Try to  do your best and don't wait your customer..