Lego Racers

Who wants to play with lego? I found a great game while I was surfing on the internet. This game gather car racing with lego. As you can understand from the name of the game you will race with your rival all the way. First wait until the game has loaded. Then you can see the instruction by clicking the " HOW TO PLAY". If you know the game's control you can start directly by clicking "START GAME" button. Lets see how can you play tihs game.  There are three playing area in the game. To move the next racing area you must win your rival in the current game. If you take a beating in a  runway you can play the race again in that runway.  If you achieve to win all af your rival in three game runway you will be the champion of the "LEGO RACERS" game.  You need to play carefully without forgetting that your rival is an professional racer. Because winning the proffessional racer isn't easy.  You can move your car by using " ARROW KEYS". You can turn to the right way by using "RIGHT ARROW KEY" and turn to the left way by using "LEFT ARROW KEY". You can increase your speed by using "UP ARROW KEY" and you can slow down with your " DOWN ARROW KEY".  You will encounter with some obstacles during the way. Don't crash this. Because when you crash these obstacles your car will take the knock and you can't complete the race. Except these obstacles you will encounter with 3 objects which help you in the race.   If you are ready to play "RACING GAME" lets start.