Crazy Croquet

If you are ready to play this game with crazy croquet lets start. This is an easy game and at the same timeit is very enjoyable. We are satisfied to share a nice game with you in skill games catagory. Let's see how can you play tihs game.  After the game has been loaded click "PLAY" button and start to play. Then select your level which you want to start with. If you haven't played tihs game before the first level will be opened.  You can play this game with your "MOUSE". You need to take aim at the hole and fire. First determine your way and then adjust your fire severity. To adjust the fire severity you need to set occupancy of the red "ARROW". You need to throw red balls to the place with red flag and throw blue balls to the place with blue flag. If you throw the ball to the wrong hole you lose the game. Pay attention to the gueen and the soldier in the following sections. When the ball bump to the queen the soldier will be changed. And if you can pass the ball through the card you will gain "EXTRA POINTS". Don't forget you have only "6" ball.  You can restart the current section, turn back to the mainpage, turn on/off the music and close the sound of the game by using the 4 button which are on the left bottom of the screen.