Cook Pizza

Are your ready to making a magnificent pizza? It will be very easy but the result will be so good. All of your visiters will admire you.  Lets see how can you play this game.  After the game has been loaded click "PLAY GAME" button then start to play. A blank pizza crust will given you. You can see the materials which you need to add to your pizza in the order list. Be careful don't make mistakes follow the orders and add the materils in order. To prepare the pizzas click the material bins and drag them to the all parts of the pizza. After you have finished the preparing of pizza put is to the oven and cut the slices. Don't forget to keeep an eye to the timer. You can see the timer at the top of the screen. when the time starts blinking red take the pizza out of the oven.  Be careful and don't make mistakes. If you make 5 mistakes you will be fired.  Use your "MOUSE" to play. Lets start the orders are start to coming