Combine Madness

Did you have ever been drive a combine harvester till now? It's a little interesting but you should definitely try this experience. You will take the seat of driver on a combine harvester and begin to mow an arable field of wheat. But nothing is so simple. You should do all these on 40 seconds for 300 meters without hitting the threes for the first level. If you hit the threes your combine harvester will be damaged, perhaps will be broken down. After achieving this level, you pass on the next and the containts will be more difficult than the previous level. There are 5 indicators on your screen. The first is the percentage of the damage on your combine harvester. If it will rise up to %100 you will fail. You can find this indicator on the left and below of your screen. The second indicator is your score. İt will be up after passing each levels. You can find this on below of damage indicator. The third indicator is your speed by KM/H and it is on below and middle of the screen. The fourth indicator is the time remainning. It is on below and right of the screen. You must pass every levels before it is finishing. The last indicator shows you the distance between you and the finish line. You can find this indicator on below and right of the screen. Use the up for accelerating, down for braking and right or left arrow key for directing your combine harvester.