Cinema Drive In

Dear visitors, please hurry up, the cinema film is starting, park your car as soon as possible and come in to the movie theaters.  This game consists of 20 levels. If you haven't played before you need to start from the first level. Park the given car in to the designated area. Be careful someone has parked their car in the middle of the road, don't crush them. You have only 3 minutes each levels. You can play with your "MOUSE" or your "KEYPAD". Click on which you want  mouse and keypad sign on the top of the screen. Don't damage your car too much. Control the hazard ratio from the top of the screen. If you want replay clcik "REPLAY" button.  Lets show us your parking skills. Most of you like parking games and you are successful in parking games. Complete each levels as fast as you can.  Take it easy!!!!!